Yoga Flow

This class is designed for students who desire a more moderate paced yoga practice.  This class incorporates postures designed to increase flexibility, strength, and balance.  Appropriate for all levels.  Classes are not heated.

Angie first discovered Toledo Yoga through the ’28 Days to a New You’ program in spring 2016. After that she was all in and completed her RYT 200 certification through greenmonkey studios in fall 2016. Angie is registered with Yoga Alliance and is also Buti Yoga certified.

Angie’s mission is to empower others through authenticity and humor to be their true selves and live voraciously.

“To me, life on and off the mat is to be lived with passion, energy and fun. I am a traveler a heart and I encourage my students to explore and let loose on their mats, to ultimately see themselves and the world from a new perspective.”

Clara has been studying yoga since the age of 14, finding first a personal love of the practice followed in recent years with a passion for sharing yoga with others.

In 2011 Clara completed her 200 hour teacher training certification with Lotus Yoga. One of her favorite things about yoga is finding new ways to connect and flow between poses while building heat through core strength and hip openers.

“I like to build my class from the ground up, taking time to center my students and give them the opportunity to set a positive intention for the practice that will serve them best that day. Then, gradually build intensity, using repetition to ease into looser muscles and a more dynamic flow. And finding new and creative ways to connect the postures is my favorite!”

Off the mat, Clara is a road and trail marathon runner, cyclist, weightlifter, and adventure-seeker with her husband Tim, and is always willing and excited to try new things.

Jordan is a Toledo native, having lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and Cincinnati, Ohio where she completed her RYT 200 training at Shine Yoga Center. She is happy to have a background in alignment yoga weaved with power and flow. Jordan’s teaching is an overflow from her life and she loves sharing the practice of yoga with others. Jordan first encountered yoga at BGSU in 2010 and was instantly hooked.

Off the mat, she is a middle school math teacher, a wife, and a dog mom of two! Jordan’s mission as a yoga teacher is to create space for all people to connect to their center by safely exploring asanas in order to bring harmony to all areas of life.

“In my classes, you can expect to connect with your breath, provide healing to your body with a focus on alignment, and spend time working on specific poses in a 'workshop' style portion of class. I offer many modifications and encourage you to make your practice your own!”

Dhawi is a native Indonesian who came to the States to pursue college education. She then graduated from the University of Toledo and holds a BA degree in Communication. In an attempt to find inner balance between working in the corporate world, raising her family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Dhawi discovered her love of yoga in 2002 and has been continuously practicing daily. She received her RYT 200 in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga through It's Yoga International and also completed a 100hrs teacher training in Jivamukti at Yogaja Yoga. The past 3 years, she has been taking a journey to study through mentorship with Taylor Hunt at AYC in Columbus, OH., a level II Authorized Ashtanga teacher from KPJAYI in Mysore, India. Through direct guidance from her teacher, Taylor, and some intensive workshops from other lineage teachers worldwide, she will continue progressing with her journey in Ashtanga Yoga.

"Practice and all is coming" is the classic quote by Pattabhi Jois that Dhawi keeps closely to her heart.  Her love and passion in the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Yoga continuously pushes her to make progress in her personal practice, as well as sharing her knowledge with others. She is currently teaching at two other studios/places in Toledo, Yogaja Yoga and Racing for Recovery, because she believes that Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone and is a great tool to use as inner work to create self-transformation as it has helped her in so many parts for her life.

"My class is all about internal focus and giving oneself a chance to 'check-in' to their own personal space. Using the sound of our own breath and steady gaze on the eye as we move through each pose, not only will we build inevitable physical strength, flexibility, mobility and balance, this practice will also offer the opportunity for an internal transformation… only if we put the work into it."