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Kaitlin Plate


Shortly after coming to Toledo and getting involved in Toledoyoga’s amazing community, Kaitlin found her home away from home. Realizing this is exactly where she needed to be, she not only got involved in the inner workings of the studio, but also completed the greenmonkey 200 Hour Teacher Training. She is excited to dig even deeper into the world of yoga.

“A little progress each day adds up to big results.” Kaitlin is a big fan of the way she has created happiness in her life and is always looking to grow and progress. She encourages her students that they too should acknowledge what they have created and realize there is always room for more. “Whatever you want to create, whatever you want to achieve, it’s yours for the taking.”  -Kaitlin


Stepping on the mat with her means to connect with your intention and practicing powerfully to encourage living powerfully! You can expect to incorporate strength, possibility, and drive in your body and mind to discover happiness and self-appreciation.

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