Student Leader Program

Student Leader Program

The Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program integrates yoga, service, and personal development into a semester long program designed to launch leaders into our community through the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

How does it work?

As a Student Leader in the Program, you will be required to attend two classes per week at Toledo Yoga. You will select the classes based on your schedule and your availability. You will be required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each class to support the Toledo Yoga team of desk staff and instructors. Following class, you will be required to stay for an additional 45 minutes during which you support team with post class responsibilities and explore inquiry questions on your practice and your life that will propel you from powerful practitioner to a powerful leader.

Classes that qualify for the Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program begin at 9 AM Monday through Sunday with the last classes beginning at 7:30 PM. Times and modalities vary per day of the week.

What does it cost?

The Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program requires no economic commitment. The program is designed to provide yoga in exchange for service while creating a platform for growth as a leader.

What is my commitment?

100% participation in the program is required. You are required to attend two classes per week. Each class requires a two-hour commitment, 15 minutes before class, 60 minutes to attend class and 45 minutes after class. Student Leaders will meet for a mid-term workshop that includes an interactive class and inquiry session. A celebration class will be held at the end of the semester. If you fail to meet the requirements of the program, you will be dismissed at any time during the course of the semester.

What are my service responsibilities?

The Toledo Yoga Student Leaders become an integral part of the Toledo Yoga team and community. Student Leaders support desk staff and instructors as needed including and not limited to, the following responsibilities.

Before Class

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class begins to welcome students and assist desk staff in registering students into class.
  • Support students with props and mat placement.
  • Additional support as needed.

After Class

  • Stay for an additional 45 minutes to prepare the studio for the next class.
  • Clear the space and clean the studio floor.
  • Organize the prop room as needed.
  • Prep the lavender towels for the next class.
  • Ensure the cubby room is clean.
  • Additional support as needed.

What type of leadership skills will I gain?

The Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program creates a platform for Student Leaders to explore the dynamics of leadership. Effective and transformational leadership requires personal mastery. This program provides an opportunity to explore where you are at, discover where you want to be and launch you into powerful leadership. In other words, personal mastery is the key to transformative leadership.]

Who is this program for?

Expertly crafted for all levels of practitioners, the Toledo Yoga Student Leader program is designed for:

  • The student who is looking to practice yoga without the economic cost of paying for classes. This program allows you to practice twice a week with access to selecting the class, modality, day and time at that best meets your schedule. Deepen your personal practice in community without the expense of a class package or drop-in fee.
  • The student interested in exploring leadership in an interactive, hands on environment. This program allows you to take an introspective journey into leadership that will leave you empowered in your practice and in your life.
  • The student who wants to be a part of a diverse community of people outside the campus setting. With over 2,800 active members in our community, you will have an opportunity to meet a variety of different people, of different ages and all walks of life.
  • The student who is interested in being of service and up to something bigger. This program examines what it means to be a servant leader. Extending past the me and into the we, you will have an opportunity to shift into a life that causes transformation for others.

How do I apply?

The Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program is available to a limited number of people each semester. If you are interested in applying, complete the Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program application online. Student Leaders will be invited to interview. Following the interview process, select applications will be notified of their acceptance via email. An orientation will be scheduled at which time you will schedule your classes for the semester.

When does the program begin?

The Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program coincides with the University of Toledo semesters. Student Leaders will be notified of acceptance by August 31st. Orientation will be held the first week of September. The celebration class will be held the week prior to final examination week on campus.

Toledo Yoga Student Leader Program Perks

Toledo Yoga Student Leaders receive two classes per week throughout the duration of the Program in exchange for service and time at the studio. Student Leaders are invited to bring friends to the classes they attend for a $5.00 drop in rate. Student Leaders also receive a 10% discount on studio workshops and Toledo Yoga Teacher Training.

Student Leader Program Application

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