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Love Notes

  • "I am on the road a lot for work so practicing yoga has really helped me unwind during the week and build strength and flexibility to stay active"

    Steve S.

  • "I come to yoga to help calm my anxiety and lower my stress"

    Sara L.

  • "My mother and I have been doing yoga here together for the last 2 months and love the studio!"

    Katherine B.

  • "Yoga allows me to find the places where I'm shaky and need to work on my flexibility and mobility. By doing this it allows me to become a more complete athlete while training and competing in Jiu jitsu."

    Sandor H.

  • "Restorative Yoga has made a tremendous difference in how I feel! My aches and pains are lessened and it allows me to get down on the floor and play with my grand kids so much easier now."

    Lynn H.

  • "I have been doing Jiu Jitsu for over 5 years and since adding Yoga to my training regime, I have found that it helps a great deal with mental focus. It also increases flexibility and gives me a better understanding of body movement for competing."

    Cameron B.

  • "Strength and flexibility to the max. Each class provides a new challenge that allows me to feel powerful and strong."

    Michelle S.

  • "I am avid runner and I feel like my body recovers faster now and I can prevent injuries since starting yoga at the studio."

    Carrie A.

  • "Toledo Yoga has the best teachers in the area and they have something for everyone here regardless of age or skill level."

    Karen A.

  • "Adding yoga to my health and wellness regime has made a huge difference in my flexibility as well as helping me to relax and deal with stress."

    Al A.

  • "Yoga has helped me grow so much. It's become a personal commitment to both my physical and mental strength. And it should be required for all athletes!"

    Eileen I.

  • "I love this studio! Great teachers and staff and a beautiful location."

    Meredith F.

  • "Look no further…you have found the best studio in the area – hands down!"

    Mark F.

  • "I am a former dancer and have now fallen in love with yoga. It really helps me to keep my strength and flexibility that I once incorporated into dance."

    Kalie F.

  • "I have tried many different styles of yoga and really enjoy the variety that is available at the studio. I just started here at Toledo Yoga 6 months and have really progressed my practice in that time period"

    Dionne F.

  • "Wonderful community and a schedule that is perfect to fit around my work and family time."

    Amy G.

  • "This is a great yoga community with experienced teachers and a friendly staff. I am glad that I am a part of it!"

    John N.

  • "I love Toledo Yoga for the way it has helped me grow physically and mentally, and for its welcoming community. I had never imagined I would love yoga as much as I do now!"

    Bailey W.

  • "From the moment that I first stepped foot in Toledo Yoga I felt home. They have created such an amazing community here and there is something for everyone regardless of skill level and age. The variety of classes and workshops extends beyond just yoga and really helps to build a strong sense of community in the area."

    Lisa H.

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