Ashley has been hooked on yoga ever since she discovered that the practice allows her to be fully present when she’s on her mat, surrounded by community. She loved that whatever problem of the day she was experiencing at the time melted away, even for just 60 minutes, and she could truly soak in the moment. Week after week, she found herself coming back to her mat to feel that experience again, and found herself stepping off of her mat a bit lighter than when she stepped on. Ashley knew she wanted what she was experiencing to grow even deeper, as well as share it with others, so she enrolled in teacher training in 2016.

As a recovering perfectionist (as she lovingly puts it), Ashley approaches each class with space for grace for all, and a bit of levity. While participating in one of Ashley’s classes, students can expect a welcoming environment where their only requirement is just to “be.” Her classes will encourage students to use the tools of breath, focus and physicality to anchor themselves to the moment. Ashley strives to leave her students feeling confident, accomplished and lighter than when they came in.

Ashley received her RYT-200 from Yoga For All Beings in Chicago. In addition to teaching at Toledo Yoga, she also leads the studio’s Teacher Empowerment and Mentorship Program. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Florida with a background in health communications and social media. When she’s not at Toledo Yoga, Ashley enjoys cooking with her husband (she’s a great sous-chef), playing with her puppy, discovering new music and exploring, both near and far.

Gi sees Yoga as a way of life, a practice embodied both on and off the mat serving as a pathway to empowerment, transformation, and freedom. Yoga has provided her with clarity, balance, and the courage needed to fearlessly step up and into her purpose. It has inspired Gi to appreciate life more fully, approach herself and others with compassion and acceptance, and cultivate gratitude and joy as a way of being.

Gi’s teaching provides students with the freedom to explore, space to expand, and confidence to step into new possibilities. Whether getting upside down, trying something new, or embracing mindful silence, classes are intentionally themed to support personal growth and discovery while stretching students to their mental and physical edge. Classes are energized, playful, and mindfully infused with music to build a dynamic and invigorating flow leaving students feeling grounded, challenged, and complete with a fresh new perspective.

Gi believes the gift of yoga should be available for everyone, and passionately strives to increase access, opportunity, and inclusivity in classes, studios, trainings, and international yoga standards. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Power Yoga through Toledo Yoga, a Baptiste Yoga™ Affiliate Studio, where she is also pursuing her advanced 300-hour teacher certification. She has additional certifications in Yogalete and Yin Yoga, and currently serves as a Teacher Mentor with the Africa Yoga Project. She is grateful for the opportunity to inspire, while being inspired by, a powerful community sharing in the practice of yoga.

Jen is a lover of reggae, coffee, books, trips to Florida, caring for the environment and a zillion other things. She fell head over heels for yoga 20 years ago. Showing up on the mat again and again has given her the grace to move through her busy and active life. It provides a much needed balance to help her juggle the challenges of being a mother of twins, a small business owner, and an active member of her community. She has been teaching yoga for 10 years and whole-heartedly believes in the healing powers of this practice. She will remind us all that energy is contagious and strives to collectively uplift others.

You will find Jen’s classes set to a thoughtful playlist and loves to sneak in lots of core work. Jen is passionate about all styles of yoga from a sweaty sculpt session to a grounding yin practice and yoga for kids. She loves to encourage everyone to live the healthiest life with a mind wide open while grounded in gratitude. Students will walk away learning something new about the practice and themselves.

Jen’s background is in Chemical Engineering and Yoga has been the yin to her yang. She also owns Mind Over Lather, a small business focusing on natural and non toxic yoga mat cleaning products. Jen completed her 200 YT with Marni Task in Cleveland which blends Jivamukti with alignment based principles. Jen remains grateful for her many teachers that influence her unique playful style from Jonny Kest, Tammy Lyons, Baron Baptiste, Max Strom, and Danielle Mercer.

With the nickname of “Joy”, Kaitlin brings excitement and happiness to life on and off the mat. Goofball and humorist encompass how her daily life is spent. Whether it is dancing with her cats who wish to be doing anything but, or switching accents in a conversation, there is always some fun to be had. Kaitlin started practicing yoga a year ago this April. She has fallen in love with the practice and the challenge it brings as each practice allows new learning and growth. Kaitlin is the happy cat mom to her two bundles of joy and weirdness, Quinton and Rylie, and a doting dog mom to her newest edition, Buster Thomas.

Taking a class with Kaitlin assisting, you can expect to deepen your practice in ways you may not have known were possible. Yoga will take you to where your body needs to go and Kaitlin can help you go even further in finding your new edge on the mat each day. Kaitlin invites you to be true to your body and take your practice where your energy flows. In deepening assists, massages, getting props, or simply lending a hand, you will be supported along your journey. Kaitlin is there to add joy and create space for a practice filled with intention, purpose, and fun.

Kaitlin is currently a licensed social worker in the state of Ohio working with the elderly population. Graduate of the 200 hour Toledo Yoga teacher training program and has become a certified 200 RYT. The workshops and programs do not end here as well as Kaitlin continues to strive for more learning and staying in the work of yoga and a fuller life. Kaitlin invites the work to keep her looking as well as pausing and enjoying all aspects of life.